What to Wear on Game Day- NFL Football Fan Outfits


It’s the first Sunday of the NFL’s regular season. That means football viewing parties or tailgating. What should you wear to show you’re a true fan (or at least look like one)?

Build your outfit around your favorite team themed piece. It can be your boyfriend’s loose jersey, a form fitting women’s jersey, a sweatshirt, cap, or whatever you have. Then start accessorizing. If you’re wearing a long or short sleeved t-shirt, try adding a statement necklace in your team’s colors. If you’ll be outdoors, bring a solid colored scarf, even if it’s just a neutral white, to keep you warm. Don’t forget to carry a purse that’s big enough to fit your tailgating essentials like chips and beer.

If you want a look that has a little more sex appeal, try a form fitting top, short jean shorts or tight fitting jeans, and a pair of sexy team colored heels. He might be watching the game, but you’ll be his favorite cheerleader.

Now if the unthinkable happens, and you can’t be somewhere to watch the game, like a wedding perhaps, you can still show your team support in a classy way with subtle jewelry. Maybe a gold or silver bangle bracelet with a charm of your team’s logo. You could also incorporate your team color in your earrings or a necklace. Depending on the color, you could even sneak it in as your nail polish.

Just remember to choose your ensemble wisely, because whatever you’re wearing when you’re cheering on your team might be what you have to wear all season to keep their lucky streak going. Find the perfect look to show your team spirit at Chicastic.

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