Dress Like a Pop Star

Pop stars put on a dazzling show for their audience. Why not treat the people in your life to the same fabulous display? Here are some tips to incorporate a look for the stage into a look for your own fans.

Performing on a stage requires an eye catching outfit. Usually it’s something form-fitting and sexy. A corset top is perfect for this look. Go for a solid color that stands out like red or white. Metallic works well also. If you want something that’s a little more country pop star rather than MTV, try a blue denim lace up corset.

Pop stars tend to go over the top with their stage wardrobe. They want to wear something that even the person in the nosebleed section can appreciate. Your look doesn’t need to reach that far, so to keep your outfit believable for every day wear, pair it with tight jeans. You can still go all out on the heels though. To keep your stage look going, we recommend a shoe that has a high heel and a bling factor. The suede peep-toe high heel shoe and the high heel rhinestone pumps both work well.

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