Wedding Wednesday- Good Luck Charms

Sometimes the classic rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” can be a stressful last minute rush to fulfill. These items are supposed to be good luck charms, not something to panic about. But once you have your dress and accessories planned, it’s hard to add other pieces, especially blue, to your dream look if you haven’t thought about it ahead of time. Some brides opt for blue earrings or jewelry, while others bring the color into their shoes. Here are some ideas of how to get this color and all the good luck charms into just one piece.

A charm bracelet is a perfect way to check off all four essentials. The bracelet can be purchased to match your look, so that’s your something new. Then add charms or pendants from your grandmother, relatives, and friends to complete the old, borrowed, and blue. If you don’t want to wear this item as a bracelet, you can wrap it around your bouquet so you can still have it with you. A necklace would work as well.

Another great option is to purchase a fabric bridal purse, but make sure to choose one that doesn’t have a lot of embellishments. Then add on brooches like a family heirloom, borrow a pin from your mom, even a pair of blue stud earrings would work well. Get creative and make your own personal design with the items. If you want a more bold look, try a blue fabric purse for your base.

Incorporate this saying into your wedding day any way you like. Feel free to find items that check off most of the list all at once, like borrowing your grandmother’s blue cocktail ring. Just know whatever you decide will be perfect.

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