Throwback Thursday- Cinderella

Cinderella had a magical night until the clock struck 12. If her fairy godmother had to create a look to make her feel like a princess at an event today, like a gala or prom, what would her wand come up with?

A modern Cinderella wouldn’t need to have so much volume to her gown, nor would she need the large shoulder pieces. Her dress would need to be floor length, flow, sparkle, and have something really special about it. It would need to have details that really wow, like a woven bodice perhaps. Oh, and of course the dress would need to be light blue!

Her shoes are another important area to focus on. After all, they help her find her prince. If they ever turn that into a dating service, let us know! But let’s get back to focusing on the high heels. They would need to sparkle. That means glitter or rhinestone embellished silver pumps.

And we must not forget her accessories. She would need a clutch to carry her phone with its alarm set to 11:55. A silver glitter metallic knuckle duster clutch would be perfect. It gives that extra modern sparkle to her look and completes the ensemble.

Can’t find your fairy godmother? Don’t worry, Chicastic can help you find all the accessories you need to bring out your inner Cinderella.



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