Halloween Costume: Sandy from Grease

Sandy from Grease was prim and proper until the scene at the end. Use her transformation as inspiration for your Halloween costume and recreate her memorable look from the movie.

Black and red are the key colors to this look. You also need to make your base layers as tight as reasonably possible. We aren’t advocating for you to be sewn into your costume like Olivia Newton John was, granted her zipper was broken. Try a black satin corset with faux leather black leggings to give you your tight sleek look.

The next item is the jacket. Sandy doesn’t have a pink lady jacket. Instead she rocks a black leather jacket with red lining. For this piece just try to find a black leather jacket and don’t worry about the lining. It can be faux leather, borrowed from a friend, whatever works for you. To make up for the red lining, bring red into one of your accessories. A red pleather alligator clutch does the trick.

For your shoes you’ll need a pair of fabulous red peep toe high heels. Bring the same color into your lipstick to get that bad girl vibe she had. Add some hoop earrings and curl and tease your hair to complete the look.

Check out items at Chicastic to help you achieve your Sandy costume and then go find your Danny Zuko on Halloween.

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