What to Wear to a Broadway Show

Going to see a show on Broadway used to be more of a grand experience. People would dress up for this special event. Nowadays the outfits run the gamut of fancy to casual. Ladies can be seen in anything from dresses to jean shorts. But what’s the appropriate thing to wear to a Broadway show?

Dressing up to see a play shouldn’t be a thing of the past. Of course you don’t need a floor length gown like you’re going to the Academy Awards, but jean shorts is not the way to go. We recommend wearing a dress, skirt, or slacks and pairing it with heels. There are so many options for dresses these days and many would suit this occasion. It doesn’t need to be a dress fit for a wedding. It can be something a little more casual, maybe with a cotton fabric. In the summer months, sleeveless dresses are fine. If it’s spaghetti straps, or if the seasons are changing, we’d recommend wearing a cardigan as well since you might be chilly in the theater. Add a clutch and a few accessories and you’re all set to enjoy your show.

Some times when people go to see a play in the city they have other plans before or after the show and there can be a lot of walking. If this is the case, high heels might be a rough choice for your feet. Instead, opt for a pair of flats or perhaps a fancy sandal, but try to avoid flip flops. A crossbody bag or a clutch with a convertible chain strap are a convenient choice for your purse. And if a dress or skirt doesn’t suit your itinerary, try slacks as mentioned above. We don’t recommend shorts, but in a pinch, a pair of nice fitted capri pants can still work as long as they are not denim.

No matter what look you choose, don’t forget to accessorize. Especially if you choose something more on the casual end. Dress it up with elegant necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. You can find fabulous accessories at Chicastic to help you achieve the perfect look to see your Broadway show. Enjoy! And get an autograph for us!

Broadway Accessories

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