The Little Mermaid Inspired Fashion

Go under the sea for a little outfit inspiration. Whether you’re a fan of Ariel and her iconic seashell top and red hair or Ursula and her darker vibe, you can use them to add some fun to your wardrobe.

Ariel’s colors are red, purple, and green. A purple corset with lace and a bow can give you the sexiness of a seashell bra and the sweet innocence that Ariel has about her. Pair it with a green skirt, whether it’s flirty and flowy like the ocean or a form fitting pencil skirt that gives off a mermaid vibe. Then throw on a pair of red high heels or add a red clutch to get that last color into your look. You don’t have to piece together an outfit that looks exactly like the character. Play a little. Maybe add a blue knuckle duster clutch to get your ocean vibe. Or pair your corset with dark jeans for an Ariel on land look.

If you’re an Ursula fan, go for black and purples. A black corset gives off the same look the Sea Witch has and you can rock striped pants to mimic her tentacles. Ursula had a fabulous necklace, granted it had a darker purpose, but fabulous none the less. So go all out with your accessories. Keep them in purple shades but have fun with them. Try a purple scarf, dangly earrings, or a cocktail ring. Add a purse to keep your magic powers in, like your mascara and lipstick, and don’t forget some killer black heels to finish off your look.

However you want to be inspired by these two women is up to you. Go to Chicastic to find corsets, heels, and accessories to help make this classic movie a part of your world.

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