Wedding Wednesday- Cohesive Yet Unique Bridesmaids

It used to be that every bridesmaid wore the same dress. This is still the case for some bridal parties, but others have tossed that idea out the window. Instead they give their ladies the ability to choose a dress that fits their body type and style. The maid of honor can have a sleeveless cocktail dress while a cousin can wear one that’s a halter style. The color and fabric give your bridesmaids the uniformity you want but the different styles make them interesting.

There’s another way to keep your gals cohesive but yet unique. Find a dress style you love and then purchase it in different colors. We aren’t advocating for every color of the rainbow, unless that’s your theme. Rather, pick a color, blue for example, and get the dress in various shades of it. Maybe a sky blue, steel blue, and a periwinkle. Shades that compliment each other and compliment you. If you’d like something with warmer tones, try yellows and oranges together. Or go with all jewel tones for a rich look. The possibilities are endless.

Since the dresses will be different from one another, keep the heels all the same color and style. Go for neutrals like beige, black, or silver. The clutches can be a little playful like your dress colors. Mix and match. If one girl has a steel blue dress, give her a periwinkle purse and vice versa. It will help to carry the color from one look to the next.

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