Throwback Thursday- Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts’ character Vivian in Pretty Woman started out in some risque outfits. Granted, she was dressing appropriately for her job at the time. Her style became more sophisticated when she was given the funds to buy dresses, heels and accessories. If we ran into Vivian today, we would have a few questions. First off, is she still with Edward Lewis? And secondly, how has her style changed?

We like to believe in happy endings, so we’re going to assume they’re still together living the fairytale. Maybe she went back to school and got her degree. Maybe Edward is whisking her away to exciting places on business trips. However their lives turned out, we think she would have eventually mixed a little bit of her street style in with his proper look.

Vivian rocked thigh high boots with short tight dresses. Thigh high boots are in style now. She could wear them, provided she paired them with a dress or skirt that allowed only a few inches of skin to show. Wearing them over tight jeans would also look great.

Accessories would be another place to show her personality. She loved to wear hats in the movie and we’d expect her to keep wearing different kinds ranging from caps to fasteners. She also got to wear some fabulous jewelry. We have no doubt that Edward would have that department covered, though. She, however, could focus on clutches, handbags and heels and switch them up as she pleased. Maybe a sleek peep toe and envelope clutch for a dinner out. Or perhaps a glass bugle bead clutch with a chain strap, and her thigh high boots for a day in the city.

However you want to incorporate Vivian into your wardrobe, check out Chicastic for accessories, clutches, and heels. We’d recommend veering away from the hooker look, though.

Pretty Woman
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