Wedding Wednesday- How to Accessorize Multiple Wedding Looks

It’s your wedding day and you get to wear your dream dress. For some brides, that actually means two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Usually the gown for the ceremony is long and romantic and the one for the reception is a shorter party dress. Some wedding dresses are even made to convert from one look to the next. When switching up your look from one part of the celebration to the next, how do you accessorize?

Let’s start off with the most crucial item for your look, your shoes. Wedding dresses are hemmed based on the heels you decide to wear. Many brides have to choose their footwear carefully if they plan to switch to flats or flip flops for the ceremony, such as wearing platform flip flops to keep the height. Normally these choices are hidden, but if you plan to switch to a shorter length party dress for the reception, your shoes will be exposed so you’ll still need an elegant looking pair. Choose a heel that’s comfortable and that works with both looks, and be sure to break them in before the wedding.

Jewelry can be a tough item to pair with two dresses. Try to keep one or two pieces that work with both looks, like an elegant silver bracelet and dangle earrings. Then switch up the last piece, like your necklace. Maybe your first dress has a low neckline so you choose a long jeweled necklace, but your second dress has a higher neckline so you forgo the necklace altogether.

Your clutch purse is easier to transition from one look to the next. Just choose one that’s white or silver and big enough to hold your wedding day essentials.

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