Throwback Thursday- Pretty in Pink

Andie in Pretty in Pink had a very eclectic style. Her outfits consisted of secondhand clothing and pieces made from her own sewing skills. Andie was resourceful and she embraced her style. If we ran into her today, what looks would she be creating?

Molly Ringwald’s character was poor and her style developed around what was available to her. We’d hope that the drive she had to excel in school would carry over into the workforce and she’d be successful in whatever career she chose. If this is the case, she’d have more income at her disposal and could afford to shop at more upscale stores. Despite more cash flow, we’d expect her style to still be eclectic. Maybe she’d wear a leopard print dress with a belt, a red bucket hat, and boots. She’d probably still shop at the thrift store and maybe she’d pick up a vintage bangle bracelet or a brown bridal clutch with a brooch pin.

If she can’t find what she’s looking for at the store, she can make it herself. She doesn’t need to buy vintage, she can create something to look that way instead. She could alter a fabric purse or cardigan, or sew scarves as sleeves onto a corset.

Get inspired by Andie and experiment a little with your style with items from Chicastic.

Pretty in Pink


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