Halloween Costume- Zebra

When it comes to animal Halloween costumes there are a few typical options. There’s sexy black cat, bunny, lion, and peacock. Why not go for an animal a little outside the box and dress up as a zebra this Halloween? You don’t need to wear anything as elaborate as a two person horse costume. You can make this outfit look sleek and sexy.

The key feature to this costume is obviously a zebra print item. We chose a pair of leggings with this fabulous pattern. Next we added a black lace up corset with ruffles. We don’t recommend doing a head to toe zebra print outfit as it can be overwhelming to the eye and the likelihood of all the prints being the same size is low. As far as accessories, wear some fabulous black high heels or black booties. Pair your costume with a black and white purse like this gray, black, and white rhinestone hard box clutch.

For your hair, we recommend a messy teased pony tail to mimic a mane. You can also do a series of buns in a mohawk shape to get a more accurate short mane like the zebra. If you want to add a tail, buy some black string or trim a black wig to the shape you want and pin it to the top of your pants. When doing your makeup, go for heavy black eyeliner and a smokey eye.

Check out Chicastic and get the items you need to complete your zebra costume in time for Halloween.

Halloween Costume: Zebra


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