What to Wear When You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant is supposed to be a joyous time. You’re gearing up to bring a new life into the world, and eating to your heart’s content is met with approval. However, one of the struggles is finding clothing you’re comfortable in. There are two general approaches to pregnancy fashion. Those that want to wear form fitting clothes to show off their stomach and those that would rather camouflage it. Both are fine approaches. Pick what’s comfortable for you.

Luckily maternity wear keeps getting chicer and there are more options out there than there were twenty years ago. If you want to display your new figure look for form fitting clothes. Shirts with ruching on the side are flattering or try dresses with stretch that will conform to your curves. Sleek jeans come with panels at the top to allow for you to be comfortable as you grow.

If you’d like to be a little more reserved about your belly there are great options for that as well. Look for loose fitting tops, like a tunic, or shirts and dresses with empire waists. Try cardigans to help keep you cozy and covered. A shift dress can also work in the being of the pregnancy. If you’d like even a little more camouflage, look for outfits that have a lot of design above the tummy to pull the eye higher, such as a cowl neck. A statement necklace would also do the trick.

As far as footwear, that’s up to you. You can go all out and wear heels if that makes you feel fabulous. Personally, we would recommend flats to keep your feet comfy but still looking chic.

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