Throwback Thursday- Flashdance

The movie Flashdance had some unforgettable outfits. Alex, played by Jennifer Beals, was a welder, exotic dancer, and aspiring professional dancer and dressed accordingly for each title. We saw everything from baggy jeans and jackets to tight fitting outfits that got soaked. If we ran into Alex today, we wonder, what would she be wearing? We’d like to see her work items from her past into her present day looks.

We hope she would be a professional dancer just like she dreamed of. Gone would be some of the baggy loose fitting clothes of her welding days, except for the off the shoulder sweatshirt look. That’s a keeper. We’d recommend her continuing to showcase that look every now and then, but if she was going out for the day she should add form fitting jeans and boots to keep it appropriate for public viewing. She might also enjoy leggings and long shirts or tunics with flats.

She’d no longer need to wear her sexy exotic dancer wardrobe, nor be doused with water unless it’s the ice bucket challenge. She could still incorporate some parts of this look however, like maybe wearing a corset over jeans and adding a comfy cardigan and heels.

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