Halloween Costume- Little Red Riding Hood

For Halloween it’s fun to give some fairytale characters a darker look. Little Red Riding hood is typically a white and red combo, but making it black and red gives it an even sexier vibe.

The key items to this costume are a red cape and a basket. The other pieces in this ensemble have more wiggle room. We opted for a red and black polka dot corset. It has a playful innocence with the ruffles, bow, and polka dots but the colors and sleek design bring it to a mature level. Wear it with a short black a-line skirt and black heels like Mary Janes or t-strap peep toes. Another great item to add is a pair of thigh high stockings. For this costume, we recommend black thigh highs with red bows. Again we are playing up the seductive innocence vibe that a lot of adult costumes have.

As far as accessories, you don’t need any jewelry. You don’t even need a fancy purse because your basket can hold all of your evening essentials. Grab a clutch wallet or a small bag to keep your must haves in and throw it all into your handy picnic basket.

Check out Chicastic and let them help you achieve your perfect Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Now off to your grandmother’s house you go! And watch out for any wolves on Halloween night.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

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