Halloween Costume- French Maid

A French maid costume is a sexy Halloween outfit that allows you to have some fun at the craft store. The key colors are black and white, and you can probably raid your closet for a few of the items.

The first pieces to start with are a black top and black skirt. We opted for a black corset and a short a-line skirt. You don’t want your skirt to be tight because you need to add a white layer underneath. This can be a crinoline petticoat you buy ready made or you can go to your local fabric store and make your own by purchasing the fabric and an elastic band for the waist.

To get the maid portion of your look you’ll need a white apron. It might be easiest to buy white fabric and cut it to fit your look. Take the fabric and cut it into an hourglass shape. Pin the top of it to your black corset and then tie it at the waist with a white ribbon.

Two other accessories that add to this costume are a feather duster and a headband. The feather duster can be made by purchasing feathers and attaching them to a wooden or plastic rod. For the headband you can get creative. You can start with a simple black band then add white fabric in a fan shape to give a little hat look or maybe glue some white flowers off center. You just want something that is black and white and looks like it could be part of a uniform.

Lastly, add black stockings, like these black thigh highs with lace, and a pair of sexy black heels. Now you’re all set to work that flirty feather duster!

Check out Chicastic to help you get the pieces you need to start this sexy costume.

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