Wedding Wednesday- What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Both the bride and her guests usually have the same question when attending a bridal shower, what should I wear?

You’ve created your registry or as an attendee picked out the perfect gift, but now what should you wear to the event? Let’s start with the guests. When choosing an outfit, look at the venue it’s being held at. Is this a party at someone’s house? Then a nice pair of slacks, flats, and a blouse would be appropriate or a cotton maxi dress. If it’s at a casual restaurant, try dark jeans and heels with a fancy top. If it’s at a high end restaurant or other rented venue, wear a nice knee length dress with heels. Feel free to check in with other attendees before the event and see what they plan to wear.

If you’re still unsure on how fancy the event will be, opt for a cocktail dress with flats. The shoes will help you lean casual and the dress will help you lean fancy so you’re pretty much covered. Pick out a clutch bag and throw in extra jewelry so you can add a fancier necklace or bracelet if you’re feeling under dressed.

If you’re the bride, then it’s fun to wear white! You have your elaborate wedding dress, but now’s your chance to wear a simpler party dress version. There are a few things to factor in when choosing your outfit. Make sure it’s comfortable to sit in and make sure it isn’t cut too low. You’ll be opening a lot of gifts and you don’t want to be worrying about what you’re wearing. Don’t feel obligated to make all your accessories white, you can throw in fun pops of color instead. Maybe blue heels or a red clutch. You can even match your wedding colors if you like.

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