Throwback Thursday- The Craft

In the movie The Craft, the young witches wore school uniforms, or versions of a black and white look with thigh high or knee high socks, for most of the movie. When they were in more casual attire, they opted for long dresses and comfy clothing. If we ran into Sarah, who kept her powers and used them for good, we wonder what she’d be wearing today.

We think she’d switch up her look depending on her mood. Maybe she’d think of her high school days and want to wear an outfit that winked at a school girl uniform. She could wear over the knee boots with a skirt that ended just above them and a buttoned top with a structured jacket.

Perhaps she’d want an outfit with dramatic contrasts like her black and white looks. She could wear black dress pants, a white blouse and wear strong black accessories like a black enamel collar necklace or a black envelope clutch.

If she’s feeling more casual and wants to show her softer side, a nice maxi dress and sandals would look beautiful. Or perhaps a cozy loose cardigan over jeans with flats.

Whatever mood she’s in, she could find accessories to match it at Chicastic.

The Craft

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