Halloween Costume- Nurse

Heal all the people at your Halloween party with this sexy nurse costume. It’s a pretty easy look to pull together if you’re in a last minute rush.

For starters, your outfit should be all white. This could be a white dress, white top and booty shorts, or a white corset with tight white skirt. Add a pair of white thigh high stockings or full length, whatever you have available. Next add a pair of red heels for a sexy pop of color.

To make this costume look like a nurse, add a hat with a red cross on it. If you’re crunched for time and can’t run to the store, you can make your own out of paper. Just draw the red cross and pin it to your head.

As far as accessories, we recommend a white clutch with a red cross pinned or taped to it. You can play up the medical vibe by adding a stethoscope. For some extra fun, head to the dollar store or a toy store and look for a toy doctor kit. You can carry a fake syringe or blood pressure cuff in your purse and offer your medical assistance to others. Carrying candy in a fake pill bottle and giving out doses is another fun way to play up this costume.

For white corsets, purses, and other accessories check out Chicastic to help you complete your nurse costume. Have fun taking care of your fellow partygoers!Nurse CostumeFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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