Halloween Costume- Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

When putting together a Dorothy Halloween costume, follow the yellow brook road, or maybe just head to the fabric store. The key pieces to this look are a blue gingham dress, sparkly red shoes, a basket, and Toto.

Start with a base layer to put the dress over. It can be a white corset or even a white short sleeve shirt. Next add the blue gingham. You don’t need to be skilled in the sewing department to create a cute dress for this costume. If your skills aren’t up to par, then cut the fabric into a giant circle and cut a whole in the center of it. There’s your skirt. You can add an elastic waist band or wear it with a cute red belt. Next, cut a little square piece of the fabric and pin it to your top and to the skirt.

The next key piece to this costume are your red shoes. Try a pair of rhinestone studded heels, or add red glitter to a pair you have, then accessorize with a pair of white thigh high stockings to give the costume an extra sexy vibe. Put your hair into low pigtails and tie them with blue ribbon.

Lastly, don’t forget your basket. It conveniently doubles as your purse for the evening. Make sure to grab a stuffed animal dog to put in it because every Dorothy needs her Toto.

Find great pieces to help you finish your Dorothy Halloween costume at Chicastic.

Enjoy your night and remember to click your heels and call a cab when you realize there’s no place like home.

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