Throwback Thursday- The Addams Family

Morticia and Wednesday Addams both enjoyed dark colors, but they had very different styles within that color. Morticia wore clothing that was sexy and sleek. Wednesday wore items that were very prim. We wonder, if we ran into them today, what would they be wearing?

We would expect Morticia to still be wearing form fitting outfits. Maybe she’d switch up the dress look for a corset and long skirt. Her accessories would need to keep up with her dramatic makeup. We think she’d be fine with a little bling on her heels and clutch as long as it was over a dark background. Maybe she’d wear a pair of black peep toe heels with rhinestones and carry an octagon clutch.

Wednesday would be all grown up if we ran into her today. She’d probably wear buttoned dresses with long sleeves, tights, and boots. If she wanted to switch it up a little, she might choose a knuckle duster clutch. Although it looks stunning, she’d like it because she’d associate it with brass knuckles. For jewelry, perhaps Wednesday would wear a collar necklace. It has that appeal of being tight around the neck like her collared shirts and there are designs we’re sure she’d love, like this three tone triangle accent necklace. She’d think of it as sword tips.

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The Addams Family

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