Halloween Costume- Witch

If you’re not sure what to be for Halloween and need an easy to throw together costume, be a witch. The only must have piece, which should be available at any costume store, is a witch hat. After that, anything you choose will work.

A great start is a corset top or something that shows off your figure. Next, choose a skirt with an uneven hem or gathered fabric. If you can’t find an item like that, just choose a black skirt. It doesn’t need to be a specific length. You can go for a sexy short skirt or a longer dramatic look. A black dress in any length works just as well.

Accessorizing is a fun part of this costume. Wear stockings, whether they are flirty thigh highs or full length. Feel free to rip some holes in them if you like. Wear a pair of high heel pumps, boots, or maybe even shoes with an upturned toe. Bring a little color into the look with items like an orange and brown scarf or a fun orange glitter clutch. Other great colors to add are purples or greens. For your jewelry, feel free to get a little crazy. Try something with spikes or eyeballs. Layer on necklaces or a wrist full of bangles. And don’t forget your pointed hat!

Check out Chicastic for items to help you complete your witch costume and cast a little fun on your Halloween.

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