Throwback Thursday- Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a fun movie to watch around Halloween and it’s a great option for those of us that scare easily. The witches Winnie, Sarah, and Mary know how to boil up some trouble for the children of Salem and yet not give viewers nightmares. In the movie they blend in perfectly because everyone is wearing Halloween costumes. We wonder, if they needed to blend in more, but still keep their signature style, what would they wear?

Their outfits consisted of tight bodices with long skirts, tights, and boots. Today they could mimic that look with a corset top but wear a skirt with a shorter hemline. Tights and boots are in style so they would easily blend in there. Another item that they could update is their long capes. Like the skirt, the capes just need to be shorter. A good length would be where their skirt ends.

As far as accessories, statement necklaces and cocktail rings would work well with their style. A necklace with eyes would even match Winifred’s beloved book. And of course they would need some sort of purse. A black faux leather clutch could hold a few quick spells and some potions. Thankfully these witches didn’t wear the pointed hats because that would be a hard item to update.

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Hocus Pocus


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