Halloween Costume- Peacock

Halloween sees a lot of animal costumes, especially cats and bunnies. If you’d like something different, and even a little exotic, try a peacock costume. It comes off as sophisticated and sexy. It takes some effort to pull this look off, and some hot glue, but it’s worth it.

The color palette you want to stick with consists of jewel toned blues, greens, and golds. For the base of your costume look for those three colors. For example, try a vibrant blue corset with a shiny green skirt. Next you’ll need a lot of peacock feathers. They can be found at local craft stores or ordered in bulk online. To get that beautiful peacock tail there are a few design options. You can cover your entire skirt in feathers, or if you don’t have enough feathers you can space them out evenly on the skirt. Another idea is get an additional piece of fabric, cover it in feathers, and pin it to your skirt like it’s the tail.

Once you have the main pieces you can accessorize. Wear a pair of jewel toned blue or gold heels. Add some black fishnet thigh high stockings to play up the sexy vibe. For jewelry, try a large necklace with an emerald green stone. It’s fun to keep the peacock theme going, so add a sequined peacock clutch to carry your evening essentials. You can even try creating your own headband with leftover feathers. For your makeup, check out YouTube videos for great tips.

Have fun with this costume and get creative. For peacock themed clutches, or items in these fabulous colors, check out Chicastic.Peacock CostumeFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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