Halloween Costume- Football Player or Baseball Player

Halloween is at the end of this week. If you don’t have your costume yet, it’s time to start thinking of some easy to pull together looks. A great idea for a quick costume is some sort of athlete. Football player costumes and baseball player costumes are typically the easiest. However, if you have a jersey for soccer, basketball, or some other sport, feel free to go that route.

For a football player costume, you’ll need to start with a football jersey. If you don’t have one you can borrow one from a friend or just buy one at your local sporting goods store. There are a few ways to wear it depending on how sexy you want your costume to be. A ladies jersey is already formfitting. A men’s jersey needs some adjusting, but there are a few options. You can pull it tight in the back and secure it with a hair tie, loop the fabric through the collar to make a sexy half shirt with some cleavage, or actually cut the fabric to make a half shirt.

For the rest of the look, grab whatever you have available and what you’re comfortable in. Try a pair of leggings or wear a pair of booty shorts with white thigh high stockings or knee high socks. Add on a pair of heels or keep it more comfortable in sneakers. For make up, we recommend making a black stripe on each cheek to give you that extra football detail.

If you want to wear a baseball player costume, a lot of the same ideas as above apply to this look. Find a jersey or even just a baseball style shirt. Make it as sexy as you feel comfortable. Add leggings or shorts with knee high socks and sneakers and finish off the look with a cap and glove.

For heels and thigh high stockings to complete your costume, check out Chicastic.

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