Throwback Thursday- Charmed

The Halliwell sisters of Charmed fought a lot of demons back in the day. What’s even more impressive is what these witches fought them in. They wore a lot of skimpy tops, tight pants, and heels. We wonder, if they were still battling warlocks and other magical beings, what would they wear today that would be fashionable and a little more practical.

For clothing, we’d like to see them in something with a bit more coverage or a little more structure. A corset would work well for their style and would provide a tad more protection than a crop top. They could wear it with a pair of stretchy jeans tucked into flat boots. Of course we couldn’t expect these ladies to wear flats all the time. A good compromise might be a pair of t-strap high heels. At least they’d be able to keep them on their feet while they chased demons.

Now don’t forget that sometimes they would need to carry a spell and a few potions. A crossbody handbag would work really well. If they were out at the club P3 for the evening, they could carry a knuckle duster clutch to look chic, but it could also pack a punch if there was a last minute battle.

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