Halloween Costume- Last Minute Cowgirl or Schoolgirl

It’s Halloween! You don’t have a costume?!? Here are two quick last minute ideas. Dress up as a cowgirl or a schoolgirl.

Check out what you have in your closet to see what will be easier to throw together. A key element for a cowgirl costume is the cowgirl hat, but it’s not a deal breaker. If you have a denim corset or a plaid shirt and brown boots you can pull this look off. Pair it with a denim skirt or cutoff jeans. Comb your hair into low pigtails or braids and, if you have it laying around, throw a kerchief around your neck. You can even pretend you have a lasso by wearing a rope like a crossbody bag.

An even easier look is a schoolgirl costume. Check your closet for a buttoned shirt and a plaid skirt. If you don’t have a plaid skirt, try to find a skirt that is structured and without much flare. If you have a pencil skirt you can switch the costume to a teacher look instead. Next, add a pair of socks. They can be slouchy at the ankle, knee high, or even thigh high stockings. For your shoes, try to find a pair with a strap like Mary Janes or a t-strap peep toe heel. Lastly, grab a pair of glasses and a backpack.

If you don’t have any of these items, then go for the ultimate last minute costume of a bed sheet with two holes cut out for your eyes.

Check out Chicastic for last minute costume inspiration and to help you get started earlier next year.

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