Shimmer Satin Rhinestone Embellished High Heels

Thanksgiving is the next major holiday to prep for. You’ll be thinking about where you’ll be eating your turkey dinner, what foods you’ll be making, and what outfit you’ll be wearing. Might we suggest some fabulous heels to work into your ensemble?

The weather is getting colder so closed toe shoes and tights are starting to be the norm again. These shimmer satin rhinestone embellished high heels are perfect to add into your Thanksgiving look. They come in bronze and gold which are perfect fall colors that also easily transition into the Christmas season with their shine. These heels are also available in silver which is a great neutral color to work into any color palette.

These hidden platform heels have a great sparkle to them. The rhinestones add that something extra to a solid color shoe. We don’t think the pilgrims would be a fan of all the bling but we’re sure your friends and family will be.

These shoes won’t just work for the holiday season. They can be great additions to bridesmaid dresses or cocktail parties as well.

Check out Chicastic, find your favorite color in your size, and kick off the holiday season right.

Thanksgiving HeelsFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!


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