Wedding Wednesday- Fall Wedding Accessories

Some fall weddings end up on the cooler side when they’re planned for November. Make sure to pick out the right accessories to keep you and your bridesmaids warm.

Most bridesmaid dresses are sleeveless or strapless. That’s a lot of exposed skin for outdoor photos. Pick out shawls or scarves to keep your wedding party elegant and comfortable. You can find ones that match the dresses or instead go for a neutral color that they’ll be able to use at other events. A beautiful option is to go metallic with a gold, bronze, or silver. Scarves and shawls can also make an excellent bridesmaid gift.

For footwear, open toe shoes won’t suit the weather. Instead opt for a closed toe high heel. Like mentioned above, it can be matched to the dresses or a neutral color can be chosen. Again, neutral colors are very versatile. If you do decide to match the shoes to the scarf or shawl, then your bridesmaids have an easy pair of accessories to wear with other looks in the future. Another great option for a fall wedding shoe is a boot. Whether they are cowboy boots, knee high boots, or another kind, they will keep your ladies warm and make for really cute pictures. Of course this is a look for a rustic chic wedding. We wouldn’t recommend it for all venues, like a ballroom for example.

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