Throwback Thursday- Footloose

Before all those Step Up movies there was Footloose. We’re not talking about the remake. We’re talking about the 1984 Kevin Bacon film. There was a time for dance. There was also a time for that fashion, and it is not now. We wonder, if we updated the outfits worn by Ariel, what would they look like.

Ariel’s most memorable item was her red cowboy boots. Her dad hated those boots. The rest of her outfit usually consisted of jeans, a jean jacket and a shirt. If she updated this look, we’d still keep her beloved red boots. For pants, we’d go with a darker wash and tighter fit jean tucked into her boots. As far as a jacket, we’d like to see her switch it up a little. Maybe a top with the structure of a jean jacket, but with a color to bring out her personality.

For her school dance look, we’d like to see her keep the flowy lightness of the dress she wore in the movie. We’d make it a little more fiery of a color, again to match her personality, instead of the baby pink color in the film. For an extra fun detail, we’d take the ruffle feature in the top of her dress and mimic it at the bottom of the updated look. She could pair it with a neutral, sparkly heel and then cut up the dance floor with Ren.

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