Glitter Mesh Envelope Clutch

As holiday gatherings approach, you may think you need to buy a whole new outfit. We suggest adding one or two new fun accessories instead. A great option is a glitter mesh envelope clutch. It will give your current wardrobe that extra pizazz you’re looking for.

It comes in great colors, like silver or gold, that work with most outfits. To make your clutch stand out just a little more, try one that’s two colors. There’s black and red for the feisty gal, blue and silver for a sophisticated look, and red and gold for a little extra merriment. The woven sequin design on the flap sets this purse apart from other two colored clutches.

This purse is versatile enough to be dressed up or down and its size of 10.5″L x .5″W x 7.5″H gives you the ability to hold quite a few items. It’s also able to be worn three ways. Go to the store with the chain strap attached and wear it as a purse. Next, remove the chain and wear it as a clutch to meet your friends for drinks. Lastly, break out the wristlet strap and head out to the dance floor for your favorite song.

Check out Chicastic to find your favorite color and start accessorizing your holiday look today.

Envelope Clutch PurseFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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