Patterned Leggings- New Arrivals

Patterned leggings are a fun addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. As the days get shorter and colors more dreary, these playful pants will be a cheerful touch to your outfit. Chicastic is excited to expand its inventory and offer many more options for your ensemble. Check out our new items below.

Animal print can be loud or subtle. If you want the focus to be on your legs, try a leopard print in brown, beige, or white or even a zebra print. For a more tame and unique pattern check out the snakeskin print.

Floral print leggings are a popular choice. You can wear ones with colors or even ones with a black and white print. Choose a pattern with a dark background to keep the look more subtle. If you’d like something more vibrant, try a red flower pattern or a strong white and black design.

Some patterns are classic like a starry blue or black background pair. Just don’t wear them with a red shirt unless you’re going for a Wonder Woman look. Another classic pattern is camo. Try it with  a structured brown or green top for a great military vibe.

If you want pure fun, try one of the abstract prints. They come in stripes and other funky patterns. Wear them with solid neutral colors so your outfit isn’t overwhelming to the eye.

Check out all the fun patterns at Chicastic and add some fun to your cold weather look.

Patterned LeggingsFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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