Wedding Wednesday- How to Make the Best of Bad Weather

Every bride wants beautiful weather on their wedding day, especially if it’s taking place outdoors. You’ve planned every little detail from your clutch and jewelry to the place cards and cake filling. Unfortunately there’s no way to reserve good weather. Aside from an indoor contingency plan, the best way to embrace your bad weather wedding day is through your photos. Play up the bad weather and get some fantastic memorable shots.

When you’re obsessively checking the forecast and see that rain is on its way, stock up on a few supplies. Buy umbrellas to match your bridesmaids dresses or just make sure everyone brings one that doesn’t clash. If everyone has rain boots, that’s a bonus! Have them switch out of their heels for a few photos. If you’re up for it, take some photos of you and your gals under your umbrellas. If you want to stay as dry as possible, try to find an awning on part of your building so you can just get the rain in the background. Get the groomsmen involved and have them hold the umbrellas for their counterparts.

For snow, there’s the same idea. Take photos of your ladies in their snow boots. Another fun idea is a staged snowball fight. You can even buy gloves and scarves for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

If the weather is beyond horrendous, and no outdoor photos can be taken, keep a sense of humor. Monsoon outside? Create poses of you playing board games, like you would on any rainy day. Blizzard like conditions? Try photos with mugs of hot cocoa or you and your groom kissing while holding a snow shovel.

Remember the big picture. Rain or shine, you’re marrying the love of your life.

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