Throwback Thursday- Sixteen Candles

Molly Ringwald is famous for playing angst filled teenage characters. Her portrayal of Samantha in Sixteen Candles is no exception. We wonder, if we updated Sam’s outfit what would it look like?

We’d still like to see her in a patterned A-line dress. It’s feminine and flattering. We’d like it to define her waist more than in the film. She could wear a dress that was already cinched in or add a belt. We’d also bring up the neckline on the dress and lose the short sleeve top underneath. She could always wear a cardigan if it was a little chilly. We wouldn’t make her wear heels, but instead keep her practical flats which are in style.

For accessories we’d keep her dangle earrings and add a few bangles or a thick cuff. For her purse we’d choose a royal blue crossbody handbag. It’s versatile with options to wear it as a crossbody or just on one shoulder and she’d also be able to choose between the faux leather strap or the chain strap. If she wanted something more minimal for the school dance, she could just use the wristlet that comes with it.

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Sixteen Candles


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