Wedding Wednesday- Casino Themed Wedding

A casino themed wedding is a great idea for couples that love card games like poker and blackjack, slot machines, and all the entertainment casinos have to offer. This idea can be incorporated into decor and wedding favors or even venue choice. Imagine getting married at a cute Vegas chapel, heading over to your reception at one of the casinos and playing table games with family and friends.

To incorporate a casino theme into your wedding look, go for a sleek fitted dress. Then accessorize with jewelry like diamond earrings or items that look expensive, like a jewel encrusted clutch.

One color theme option would be a metallic color such as gold or silver. Your bridesmaids could be in light gold dresses or wear silver high heels. Another color option could be green to mimic cash and then silver and gold accessories to mimic coins.

For your reception, name each table after a different casino game or after famous casinos. The favors can be scratch off tickets or a container of chocolate coins. Incorporate the phrase “lucky in love” onto napkins or next to framed photos of the two of you.

However you choose to interpret this theme is up to you, but check out Chicastic to help you find the perfect accessories to make your day what you dreamed of.

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