Throwback Thursday- That ’70s Show

That ’70s Show had two female characters, Jackie and Donna, who had very different fashion styles. Jackie enjoyed wearing fashionable feminine clothing, like skirts, while Donna was a tomboy and wore more comfortable jean based outfits. If these two ladies were moved into this decade, what would they wear?

If Jackie was picking out an outfit today, she’d be concerned about what’s in style. We think she’d go for the patterned legging trend and pair them with a cute skirt and top. We’d see her in high heel boots and cute accessories. Statement necklaces would be her go to jewelry and she’d make sure to have a cute purse, maybe one with a chain strap, to hold her makeup essentials.

Donna would want to keep her look casual and easy so she’d probably embrace the flat boots over jeans look. She could add a comfortable, but still fashionable, long cardigan to any t-shirt to give her outfit a punch of color. If she needed a handbag to carry a wallet and her car keys, she might go for a crossbody bag to keep things easy going.

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That '70s Show

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