Fingerless Gloves

Gloves are a must have in the colder months. Sometimes they can be a nuisance though when you want to type on your phone or do other activities that involve full dexterity. One cute solution is fingerless gloves. They allow the movement you need but still keep the rest of your hands warm. They not only work for outdoor activities but they can be used in a cold office or in your home when typing on your computer.

For a chic look, try a pair of fingerless cable knit gloves. The design on each pair is visually pleasing and adds a special touch to this solid colored item. These gloves are 12.5 inches long and will keep your wrist and forearm warm. They come in beige, black, brown, dark gray, deep red, light gray, and red.

For a more fun look, try a striped pair of fingerless gloves. These color block items still have a great knit pattern but they also have the fun of being two toned. Try them in black and white, brown and white, dray gray and light gray, pink and gray or red and black.

If you’re looking for gloves that have the beautiful knit wear design but are a little longer than the options above, check out the fur fingerless gloves. They are 17.5 inches long and cover your lower and upper arms. The fur trim gives these gloves a cozy look. They come in beige, black, brown, deep red, gray and white.

Find the perfect pair for you at Chicastic.

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