Throwback Thursday- Miracle On 34th Street

Christmas movies help to get us in the holiday spirit, and some films have become must sees before the season is over. Miracle on 34th Street is a classic example. Whether you like the original or prefer the remake, the fashion in the movie doesn’t take a backseat. But how do you bring this style into our own wardrobe?

The major fashion takeaway from these movies is that you need a fantastic structured coat. Both little girls look perfect in their outdoor ensembles. To get this look, check out pea coats or other coats with a thick wool material. Look for features like buttons, a form fitting bust or tapered waist, and a flair at the bottom. Feel free to pick one with a strong pop of color and make it modern with a slouchy beanie and fingerless gloves.

For the rest of your wardrobe look for details like a collared neck, short sleeves, and buttons. You don’t need to be so exact with these details either. Make it modern by playing with these features, like wearing a t-shirt with a collar necklace. For a vintage yet modern feel, check out items that are structured but that also have a little bling. A white hardbox clutch with a rhinestone detail on half of it would be perfect. Peep toe shoes with rhinestones are also a great choice.

Check out Chicastic today for your perfect Miracle on 34th Street inspired pieces.

Miracle on 34th Street


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