Brooches are an easy way to dress up an outfit and they can be quite affordable too. They can be a great detail to add to a little black dress and they look fantastic on a jacket or a scarf as well. You can even pin them to a purse or attach them to a headband to add a little extra bling.

If you’re looking for an easy holiday gift this season, pick up one of these. Choose a rhinestone studded brooch that looks like a snowflake or one that has a few pearls mixed in. Both will look great in the winter and still dazzle in the summer. Another great option is a vintage looking oval brooch with a drop down bead. It’s perfect for a friend that loves to shop in antique or thrift stores. She’ll love the look and you’ll love the price.

Brooches work for a wide range of ages as well. Your grandmother will love the delicate design and your niece will love the sparkle. And don’t forget to pick up one for yourself!

When wearing a brooch, think about where it will work best. Pin it towards one shoulder. This looks even more chic if it’s an outfit with one strap or sleeve. Another option is to pin it where a button would be on a high neck buttoned shirt. When thinking about what jewelry to pair with it, veer away from necklaces. Instead, focus on simple chic earrings and a ring or two. You want the brooch to be the highlight of your accessories.

Check out Chicastic for beautiful brooches and make your holiday season sparkle.

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