Throwback Thursday- A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is a holiday favorite with classic lines like “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” not to mention standout outfits, such as the pink bunny suit, a bundled up winter ensemble and, of course, the leg lamp. This holiday season, create an outfit that’s inspired by one of these memorable looks.

Let’s start with the leg lamp. It’s easy to find inspiration from this light feature. Wear a pair of black thigh high stockings, some black pumps, a skirt with fringe on it, and a gold top. Keep accessories simple and match your clutch to the gold or black of the outfit.

For the bundled up winter outfit look, we’d prefer to remove some of these layers. Just because you have the ability to keep your arms down doesn’t mean you’ll be cold. Pick a warm winter coat and then add warm accessories. An oblong scarf or infinity scarf can keep you nice and toasty. Next add a pair of gloves and a beanie hat and you’re all set for the cold weather.

Lastly, the bunny costume inspired look. Well, it’s actually really hard to bring this ensemble down a notch. Instead we’ll take inspiration from what we did like about it, the color. Pink is a fun color and comes in a range of shades. Incorporate it into your holiday looks through cozy cardigans, clutches, or jewelry. You can also use the color in your outdoor accessories to bring some pep to a dreary winter.

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A Christmas Story


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