Teen Gift Ideas

Teen girls can be some of the hardest people to shop for. What will they think is cool? What if it’s not the right size? The solution is making a gift basket of small items and they’ll be sure to love something.

Get them new winter accessories. Try a beanie hat with an oblong or infinity scarf. Throw in some fingerless gloves while you’re at it. They come in varying lengths and a variety of colors. Try a pair with stripes for a fun teen look.

Another approach instead of a basket is picking out a fabulous clutch purse and putting other great gifts inside it. It can be jewelry like a statement necklace and a ring or a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Maybe she’s more into makeup. Fill the clutch with fun beauty products like eye shadows, lipsticks, and moisturizing lotion.

You can even combine all the ideas above with a day out theme. Choose a crossbody bag or handbag and fill it with a scarf and hat for them to wear while walking to their destination. Then a pair of earrings so they have a cute new piece of jewelry for their day out ensemble. Lastly add a few bottles of nail polish and a lip gloss to round out their look.

Check out Chicastic for fun chic teen gift ideas.

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