What to Wear to a Holiday Office Party

This time of year brings a lot of invites to holiday parties. Some events make the dress code pretty obvious, such as ugly sweater parties, while others can be a bit more challenging.

One of the most difficult parties to plan an outfit for is a work party. If it’s held in the office, then regular work attire should be fine. However, if it’s being held at another venue you probably don’t want to be wearing clothes, like a business suit, that are clearly made for the office. You also don’t want to wear anything that could be considered inappropriate, like a cleavage revealing top. The goal is to keep your outfit fun and flirty but not look like you’re going out clubbing.

The solution we recommend is a dress with a pair of tights. It allows for a slightly shorter hemline than what you would normally wear to work, but the coverage of the tights make it look perfectly appropriate. As far as the top of the dress is concerned, make sure it’s not cut so low that you can see cleavage. If you’re a little concerned about the bust line, just throw on a scarf and you’re good to go. Another tip, steer away from dresses with a lot of volume in the skirt, they can come off as a little too playful for a work function. Sheer fabric can be a nice detail though, just make sure it’s only sheer in a few places and none of those places are revealing.

For footwear, feel free to get a little adventurous. There’s no need to wear neutral pumps. Experiment with prints, colors, and rhinestones. Fun high heels can be a great addition to your outfit and also a conversation piece.

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