Throwback Thursday- Elf

“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” When choosing what outfit to wear, be inspired by Buddy from the movie Elf. We’re not encouraging you to dress like an elf, but we are encouraging you to be as comfortable in your style of clothing as Buddy was in his.

Have fun with your look. Buddy’s outfit had a pointy hat, tights and pointy curled shoes. Be a little playful yourself. Try polka dot prints or print leggings. Maybe you’re a fan of hats too. There are many to choose from such as bucket hats and fisherman caps to beanie hats and fedoras. Choose what you love and wear it proudly.

Like Buddy, we ask, what’s your favorite color? Build an outfit off that color. Try making an outfit using different shades of it or try making it the focal point and adding colors around it.

If you’re still a little shy, and don’t want to go full out with your look, try a statement necklace. It can be colorful, fun, and still make you smile when you look in the mirror. Try a large beaded necklace or maybe a tribal print bib necklace.

Check out Chicastic and find the perfect accessories and clothing to bring cheer into your wardrobe.

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