How to Wear Red and Green

The Christmas season is filled with red and green and it’s a fun color combo to incorporate into your wardrobe for a festive look. Here are some tips on how to make your ensemble holiday inspired without looking like an elf or a Christmas tree.

First off, avoid green tops with brown bottoms. The placement of these colors immediately shouts Christmas tree. Instead, switch it up with green on bottom and then brown or another color on top. Another color combo placement to avoid is a green dress with red stockings. You do not want to be mistaken for one of Santa’s elves.

To tastefully combine red and green for a whole outfit, we recommend using shades other than the standard bright red and green. Try colors like sage and burgundy or a pastel green and dusty rose. The colors will still be complimentary and look holiday inspired without being cartoony.

If you’d like to use bright red and green together, incorporate it into one accessory. A scarf with a red and green pattern works perfectly. Another option is to choose one red accessory and one green accessory and keep the rest of your outfit in a neutral color. For example, combine a red clutch with a green tribal necklace over a beige top and gray pants.

Find great shades of red and green items at Chicastic and bring the holiday into your look all year through.

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