New Year’s Fashion Resolution

When the clock strikes midnight what will your New Year’s resolution be? Why not make it a fashion resolution?

A new year is a fresh start. If you’d like to dress differently, give yourself a makeover on New Year’s day. Plan what your new style will be. If you’re not sure what you’re going for, look online and get some ideas. Try an easy style like bohemian, a sophisticated clean line approach, or a classic sweater and fitted jean vibe. Go through your closet and pull out the pieces that fit your new look and donate the ones that won’t. Then head to the store with a list of basic pieces you’ll need such as pants, a dinner dress, a work top, etc.

If you don’t want to do a full wardrobe overhaul, keep your resolution simpler. Perhaps you’d like to be more adventurous in your wardrobe. That’s easy, try one new item a month. January can be fleece lined skirt leggings. February can be a capelet. March can be a fun pair or sparkly heels. April can be a tunic. You get the idea.

Another fashion resolution idea is accessorizing more. Perhaps you have a lot of jewelry but never end up wearing it. Make the resolution to wear at least one piece of jewelry every day. It can be a ring on Monday, a statement necklace on Tuesday, earrings on Wednesday, etc. If that’s too intimidating, then make it for once a week.

Think about how you’d like to look in the new year and make a resolution to help you achieve it. Check out Chicastic for great items to help your 2015 be fashionable.

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