Throwback Thursday- When Harry Met Sally

Hopefully you’re relaxing today after your New Year’s Eve festivities. Maybe you’re watching TV or a movie. In honor of this throwback Thursday we recommend When Harry Met Sally. It had a great New Year’s Eve moment.  The outfits Meg Ryan’s character wore in this movie, however, had some not so great moments. A lot of time passed in this film but her general wardrobe consisted of sweaters, blazers, and layers. Nothing too bold or bright. We wonder, if she was in this decade what would she wear?

We think she’d still be wearing sweaters and would be into the fitted jeans with boots look. She might also wear a cardigan over a nice blouse since she enjoyed layered outfits. An infinity scarf might be an option because it would also help create a layered look and it’s not too flashy. We don’t think she’d embrace leggings though since she’d probably find them to be too casual.

As far as accessories, she kept it simple in the movie. She didn’t have cocktail rings and chunky bracelets. Usually a simple necklace did the trick. We think she’d keep the same approach in this decade. She did accessorize when she went outdoors though. A nice pair of gloves and a bucket hat would still work today. We’d like her to add a warm oblong scarf to help make the look complete.

Watch this movie and check out Chicastic for great fashion ideas for 2015.

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