How to Hide the Holiday Weight Gain

Okay, the holidays are officially over. How much did you eat? Yep, us too. It’s going to take quite a few gym trips to work everything off, so in the meantime, here are some fashion tips on how to hide those few extra pounds.

Our number one outfit recommendation is leggings with a loose top. The leggings have the stretch you need to be comfortable until your jeans fit again, and the loose top camouflages your stomach. You can have fun with this look too. The leggings can have a playful pattern, which can actually draw the focus away from your belly. The top doesn’t have to be a flowy shirt or a tunic. You can wear a tighter shirt but with a loose cardigan to get the same effect. Throw on a pair of boots and you have a cute outfit for the new year.

Another option is to wear a dress with a high waist. If you don’t have a high waist dress and yours cuts right across the stomach then look for a pair of control top tights and a cardigan to help.

If you’d like an even simpler solution, just try wearing statement pieces. Wear dark tops and attract the eye to other parts of your body. A statement necklace, fancy heels, or a bold clutch can be the focal point of your look.

Check out Chicastic for great clothing items and amazing accessories to help you hide the holiday weight gain.

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