Fleece Lined Skirt Leggings

Too cold out to wear a skirt and tights? Keep warm with fleece lined skirt leggings. They are an all in one item that will keep you warm and looking cute. The fleece lining is just what you need for a cold winter day and it won’t add a lot of extra bulk to your look.

The rule on leggings is that your top needs to be long enough to cover your butt. With these bottoms, the skirt and leggings are attached so you’re top can actually be a shorter length. As far as footwear, this stretchy item pairs well with ankle booties or calf high boots.

Chicastic sells these fleece lined leggings in a fun leopard print in three different colors. Spice up your winter look with either gray, brown, or white. Then check out accessories to pair with it. We don’t recommend matching leopard print accessories to the leopard print skirt. That can be a bit much. If you’ll be outdoors, wear the same color scarf or hat. If you’ll be indoors, check out a great statement necklace or crossbody purse in a complimentary color.

Check out Chicastic for these cute leggings and embrace the cold weather.Fleece Lined LeggingsFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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