Bundle Up For the Cold Weather and Still Look Cute

We’re not sure where you live, but it’s really cold where we are. Like really cold. Here are some tips on how to bundle up but still look cute.

We recommend having a base layer of thermals or long underwear. They’re available in thin versions so they won’t add bulk to your look but they will keep you toasty. If you don’t want to go the thermal route, try a pair of fleece lined leggings or fleece lined jeans. They’ll give you that extra warmth you need.

When picking out your main outfit, go for a top like a tight knit sweater. We wouldn’t recommend buttoned or zippered items or open cardigans because you don’t want to make it any easier for the cold air to penetrate your clothing.

If you’re indoors then you can add even more warmth to your outfit with a cute scarf. It doesn’t need to be wool, even a lightweight scarf when wrapped around your neck will help keep you toasty. For footwear we recommend cute knee high boots with warm socks.

When you need to head out make sure to wear an insulated coat, preferable waterproof. There are cute non bulky options these days that are either sewn so they cinch at the waist or come with a figure flattering belt. Once you’ve got the coat, pick out a colorful beanie hat, warm oblong or infinity scarf, and a fun pair of gloves.

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