Not your Grandma’s Brooch pin.

Brooch Pin

How much more classic can you get then adorning yourself with a gorgeous brooch pin? You may have noticed your grandmother sporting a clasp along the years but did you ever imagine a brooch pin being incorporated into your personal look? Here at Chicastic we are thrilled to share our thoughts on the ever so versatile use of the brooch pin and introduce our new collection, geared towards the classically beautiful and sophisticated lady who’s looking to add some dazzle and shine to any outfit!

Brooch Pin

Vintage looking accessories will never go out of style and we know if you’re a fashion forward thinking lady yourself that you’re probably always looking for a new favorite gem, whether it’s for outings, parties, lunches with friends… you name it. Don’t forget to get creative with pins. Imagine attaching them to scarves, coats, and yes… even handbags!


This year, don’t be afraid to sparkle, glisten, and shine! Catch someone’s eye across the room, glow at a holiday dinner party, or make a friends day with a detailed pin as a gift.

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